Welcome to the new and improved Hackmethod CTF!

There have been some changes, so please read through the rules page thoroughly.

Congratulations to last quarters winners. They battled the competition and some decent challenges. I know that sandstorm, the USB pcaps, and the gcode challenges were the harder ones to complete. I look forward to seeing the battle commence once again in the 4th Quarter of 2017.

3rd Quarter Winners

  1. Rstoner will receive 'Automate the Boring Stuff'
  2. ArtificialAmatuer will receive 'Gray Hat Python'
  3. ssh0une will receive 'Black Hat Python'

November Challenges are live!

This month has a little bit of forensics, a web chall, and another "impossible" crypto. We hope that you enjoy! A lot of coffee and beer went into coding these challenges so nerd up and get to cracking!

This quarters Prizes!

As we've announced on our Twitter, we are upping our game this quarter. This quarter each user will be battling for the #1 spot to have first pick of a NoStarch Press book (pictured left), a Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless, a sticker from NoStarch Press and Hackmethod, and a NoStarch Press pin (pictured right). Our second and third place winners will receive the same package with the exception of the Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless.

Note: Due to our budget constraints, shipping will only be to United States addresses. Any users that place within the top 3 and reside outside of the United States, will still have the alternate option of a $50 NoStarch Press Digital Content Voucher.