Frequently Asked Questions

The challanges will vary with each month and fit within categories such as Web, Reverse Engineering, Programming, Cryptography, Steganography, Trivia, Forensics, Pwnables, and Misc.
Typically in jeopardy style CTFs, the tools you need are up to you. Occasionally hints might suggest what tools could help.
Flags will be blantant and follow the format covered in the rules page. If you are certain you have a flag, then find an admin.
Our first instinct is to say "No, gtfo here!", but contact hellor00t he enjoys conversations about hacking facebook accounts. ;)
No, a VPN is not required for access to our challenges.
Absolutely not, we will not distribute any malicious software, script, or file to our users.
That is part of the beauty in these challenges. They can vary between using Linux, Windows, MacOS, and/or Android. We suggest running any challenges we have in a virtual environment.
Hackmethod is always looking for new ideas on challenges and for motivated nerds like ourselves. Visit the footer for any social connection to us and let us know what ideas you have and how we can incorporate your challenges into the site.